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Guns to shoot – AK47 Kalashnikov (video)

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More than 70 years have passed since the construction of this most widespread assault rifle. For its simplicity and low maintenance, high reliability even in extreme conditions such as underwater, in severe frosts and sand, it is one of the most used weapons in the world (about 50 countries have it in its arsenal), and which is still used today with many variations and modernizations. Apart from Russia, the AK-47 is produced in more than 20 countries around the world, but only three countries pay royalties to Russia.

The emergence of the most famous weapon of the 20th century was preceded by the need to arm the Red Army with effective short rapid-fire infantry weapons as the Americans – M1 Garand and Germans – StG 44 had at the time.

The designer of this most famous AK-47 weapon, Mikhail Timofievich Kalashnikov (1919-2013), based his development on the design of these two weapons. He knew well that the technical capabilities of Soviet armaments were limited, and that the design of the weapon must be simple, fast, and inexpensive, and that the only emphasis on precision had to be placed in the manufacture of the barrel and cap.

In November 1947, a new prototype of the AK47 weapon was completed and successfully tested, in the development of which the German StG 44 assault rifle designer, Hugo Schmeisser, who was forced to work in the USSR after the war.


The most dominant feature on the Kalashnikov AK47 weapon was its appearance. Robust stock and forearm made of wood and its curved removable magazine with capacity of 30 rounds. AK-47 used a new shorter ammunition model M1943 caliber 7.62x39mm, whose speed at the muzzle of the weapon reached more than 700m / s. Another characteristic feature was the placement of a gas piston above the barrel itself, which completely automated the reloading of the weapon. The closure portion was very flat and indistinct except for the closure lever and the ejection hole, which extended along the entire right side of the closure. The reliability of this rifle lay in the fact that all moving parts of the weapon were assembled so that there was will between them. The rear sights were conveniently located at the top of the cap. The front sights were right at the muzzle of the weapon.


The AK 47 was further designed as a weapon with a choice of semi-automatic weapon and automatic mode, thanks to the switch on the right side of the rifle. Mikhail Kalashnikov also structurally merged the fuse in this switch.


Kalashnikov did not start mass production until 1949 in the Russian city of Izhevsk. However, the initial phase of production was accompanied by a number of problems. As Mikhail Kalashnikov expected, Soviet production was not ready to produce high-quality parts and tried to save on every material. The problem occurred during the first production of closure sleeves, which were pressed, and in addition, an ejector welded from several parts was also produced. This caused high spoilage of the weapon, and because of this, the Soviet Union was not able to distribute a large number of these weapons to the army until 1950. Later, this cap began to be produced from one 3 kg piece of metal, and the machining itself was time and money consuming.

In 1959, the AK47 rifle was modernized and began to be referred to as the AKM-47. The modernization consisted in the fact that the case of the cap began to be produced again from 1 mm thick sheet metal, which significantly simplified and reduced production costs. A kickback compensator was added under the front sights, and plywood, which was lighter, began to be used instead of wood. In automatic mode, the rifle was able to fire a dose of 5 rounds, 10 rounds or fire the entire magazine at once.

The AKMS model was the first to be produced with a folding stock and a bayonet at the muzzle of the weapon

A certain disadvantage of the Kalashnikov was its weight and the fact that the closure was heavy, which gave the rifle a hard recoil. The sights were durable and simple, but did not allow very accurate shooting at longer distances. Also, after the last round was fired from the magazine, the breech did not remain open, which would help to immediately distinguish the empty magazine as well as its rapid overcharging.

AK47 Kalashnikov
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