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Guns to shoot – CZ BREN 805 (video)

One of the most popular guns on shooting range – CZ BREN 805

Refer to package SOLDIER and WARZONE

The CZ 805 BREN S1 self-loading rifle is a handgun designed for targeted shooting at ground targets up to a distance of 500 meters. Allows shooting with single shots. It is equipped with a folding shoulder rest and rectifiable sights. The magazine is double-row with a double-row outlet with a capacity of 30 rounds. The characteristic features of the rifle include:

  • good weapon balance guarantees prompt and easy aiming
  • possibility of mounting accessories on a Weaver rail conforming to MIL-STD-1913 standards
  • in the lower part of the gas attachment there is a groove for connecting the assault knife
  • completely removable folding shoulder rest fixed or folding telescopic shoulder rest
  • the muzzle of the barrel is equipped with a thread for fixing muzzle devices (flame arrester, silencer, extension for practice shooting, etc.)
  • easy-to-use and easily accessible controls with the possibility of their double-sided control
  • easy disassembly for cleaning and routine maintenance
  • high shooting accuracy
  • long service life
  • high functional reliability     

CZ 805 BREN is a modern assault rifle in the caliber of 5.56×45 mm NATO, introduced as a standard weapon of an individual of the Army of the Czech Republic. The weapon is characterized by exceptional durability, because it meets the requirements for reliable operation in difficult conditions (dust, sand, mud, Over the Beach test, transition temperatures), both according to NATO AC 225 / D14 and TPVD 637 – 81.

The semi-automatic version is available for the civilian market. CZ 805 BREN uses a proven locked bolt with a rotating bolt and its automation is driven by taking dust gases from the barrel. In addition to the use of original CZ transparent magazines, the exchangeable magazine shaft also ensures the use of standardized magazines for M4 / M16 weapons.

The weapon allows shooting single shots, double-shot and full automatic shooting. The holster of the weapon is standardly equipped with four mounting rails according to MIL-STD-1913.

Fully double-sided controls together with an easily adjustable locking tension lever make it easier for left-handers to use the weapon. The chrome barrel guarantees high accuracy and durability. At the turn of 2009/2010, CZ 805 BREN won the tender for the partial rearmament of the Czech army with new NATO 5.56×45 mm assault rifles.

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