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With GunMates Bratislava no license or previous experience needed.

You saw it many times in movies, video games or news. Guns, shooting, bullets flying all around, but never had the chance to touch any of those.

Bratislava region and the Burgenland outskirt offers a lot of things to do and how to spend your spare time in beautifull hills, wine yards or simply ramble historical towns and villages.

Too boring? You need some more action and adrenaline? Visit a shooting range! Visit GunMates!

You have no license or previous shooting experience? No problem! You can try military guns with real ammunition under the supervision of skilled instructors. You get all necessary safety rules as well as guns briefings and the action may start.

Safety is the top priority off course.

The shooting range offers wide selection of military weapons. Warm up with pistol Glock 17 or super accurate submachine gun Stribog SR9. Need some more? AK 47 Kalashnikov, the legend you cannot miss. Shooting to paper target is not enough?

Tactical shotgun Benelli M3 and metal targets shooting would be your selection. You will also love one of sniper rifles using super powerful ammunition 7.62x54R. Interested in WW2 history? Go for extra bullets with Nazi MP40, Soviet PPS 41 or  US Army Thompson 1921.

How it works?


Choose one of our 8 shooting packages, add some extras or let us know any special request. Submit BOOKING FORM that gives us all necessary information to arrange your shooting trip.


If transport is required, we will pick your group at hotel or any agreed location. Transport to range takes around 20 minutes from Bratislava city center. If coming by your own e.g. from Vienna, we will send all necessary details about location, map, GPS points as well as cell phone contacts.


After being welcomed to the shooting range, and sorting out any balance payment with the Range Manager (for those paying the balance on arrival) there is a short safety briefing in English. Before every shooting round you also get gun briefing in English.


The real fun begins. We shoot in gun rounds. After all shooters finish the first gun, you can check the results on your target and continue with second, third, forth…gun round according to you package sellection. Before each gun round, you get short gun briefing to keep all the event as safe as possible. Taking pictures or videos from safety area is allowed. Please note that photos and video must not breach any range safety regulations and we also ask that you do not take any photos that include the faces of instructors or other range staff to respect their privacy. If in doubt check with your instructor first.


Take your target as souvenire and make some group pictures with unloaded guns at the end of the event. We know that pictures are very important to share your feelings with friends or just bring good vibe also after years. Couple of safety rules must be observed when posing with the guns (i.e. Finger off the trigger; Gun always pointed in a safe direction, never at another person).


Your minibus takes you back to city center. Airport drop off is also possible (please request in BOOKING FORM).


Let your friends and others know how amazing your experience was by sending in a Tripadvisor review and sharing your experiences on social media.  Also we’d love to hear how you got on at the range and for any feedback so that we can make the shooting experiences even better.

It is hard to describe the feelings of excitement, waves of energy and satisfaction when your paper “enemy” ended up with a hole in his face 😊 This is the most exciting experience of your lifetime and GunMates team will do their best for you to adore it.

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