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Test of Protection Bulletproof  Plates for body armor and Tactical bulletproof Helmet

The other week we had a chance to do something with value added, not simple a shooting range fun ūüėä This time we had special targets. Protection carbide ceramic bulletproof plates category 3 and 4 for body armor and tactical helmet that you can easily buy yourself on Chinese e-shops for les than 100$ a¬†piece. The main qustion was if these, not extremely expensive gears, can save life of soldiers in Ukraine facing standard Russian ammunition and firearms.

What was tested?

1.       Carbide ceramic protection bulletproof plate category 3

Main features: Light weight, high strength, 20 mm thickness

2.       Carbide ceramic protection bulletproof plate category 4

Main features: Light weight, high strength, 23 mm thickness

3.       Tactical bulletproof helmet IIIA

Main features: PE weave fabric, 7,8 mm thickness, 1.6 kg


What firearms and ammunition was used?

1.       Glock 17 with 9mm Luger

2.       CZ Bren 805 with .223 Remington

3.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† AK 47 Kalashnikov with 7,62×39

4.       SVD Dragunov with 7,72x54R



All shots from 14 m and 7 m distance.

Can Carbide ceramic protection bulletproof plate category 3 (if used in proper vest) save your live?

First shots from Glock 17 (9mm Luger) made not a lot damage to the plate. It only stripped the textile off. If the plate is used with proper vest that is able to catch ricochets, it could safe a life.



As the purpose of the test was to proof that these plates could be useful in Ukraine warfield, we quickly turned to military firearms.

AK 47 Kalashnikov with ammunition 7,62×39 was the next option. 7,62×39 muzzle velocity is 718 m/s and muzzle energy around 2000 J.

As you can see on the picture, the resistance of the plate category 3 was satisfactory.


The real surprise came with CZ Bren 805 and .223 Remington bullet. .223 Rem muzzle velocity is 990 m/s and muzzle energy 1700 J. From this test, this was the only shot that was able to break the entirety of the category 3 protection plate.

Can Carbide ceramic protection bulletproof plate category 4 (if used in proper vest) save your live?

Rather YES.

We skipped Glock 17 and as we were really interested how category 4 plate would stand against .223, CZ Bren 805 was the first choice. Very important conclusion is that the plate was able to hold the shot. There was some deformation from the back side of the plate but far from breaking it through.

To get overall proof we, off course, shot the plate with AK 47 Kalashnikov 7,62×39 bullets as well. The result was similare, the plate hold the shot and the back side deformation was even less when comparing with .223 Remington.



To finish the test, we shot couple of 7,62x54R rounds from SVD Dragunov. 7,62x54R muzzle velocity is 828 m/s and muzzle energy around 3200 J. The result was also very satisfactory, however the back side deformation looked subjectively the worse.

Can Tactical

bulletproof helmet IIIA SAFE YOUR LIFE?

We would not risk it.


A¬†single 7,62×39 shot from AK 47 Kalashnikov showed that this helmet would not save you at all. We can say this was ‚Äěclean shot‚Äú and not even an effort of the material to slow the shot down is visible. If the helmet should save a¬†soldiers life against standard military firearms used in Ukraine, search for more effective material is a¬†must!

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