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Guns to shoot – GP R15 FREYA

Refer to packages WARZONE, SOLDIER, ALL IN. The GP R15 is a modern semi-automatic, AR-15 type rifle. It is chambered in .223 Wylde and will handle both .223 Remington and 5.56×45 NATO. Its 1:7 twist rate is able to stabilize a wide range of projectile weights. The free-float barrel is nitrided for exceptional accuracy, durability, […]


RAMBO CHALLENGE 2023 We know that shooting pictures during your shooting event is at least as important as shooting the bullets 🙂 That`s why we introduce new picture contest – RAMBO CHALLENGE 2023. 1. Take a picture with our RAMBO on your GunMates shooting event. 2. Hit LIKE on our FACEBOOK funpage GunMates, check in […]

All IN package. A real Dictator`s choice!

Is it christmas already? We prepared a special offer of all the best guns from stock, ALL IN a choice for real dictator ! Off course we understand this package is not for everyone. You will spend at least two hours on range and get through “small” handguns and submachines to assault rifles shotguns […]

Guns to shoot – Benelli M3, Fabarm PSS10 (video)

Refer to packages SECURITY, HANGOVER, CALL of DUTY, PUNISHER, APOCALYPSE Real hammer! That is shotgun shooting. Try one of our tactical shotguns – Benelli M3 or Fabarm PSS10. For brave ones, we have also russian Saiga 12.

Guns to shoot – CZ BREN 805 (video)

One of the most popular guns on shooting range – CZ BREN 805.  Refer to package SOLDIER and WARZONE The CZ 805 BREN S1 self-loading rifle is a handgun designed for targeted shooting at ground targets up to a distance of 500 meters. Allows shooting with single shots. It is equipped with a folding […]

Having ScaarAT on the Range.

It`s always nice to meet old friends, brothers in arms, especially after the crazy COVID19 madness.  Scaarat, the guy running popular gun Instagram profile, visited  shooting range to have fun with some of rental guns and to share a video review with you guys.  Enjoy

Guns to shoot – AK47 Kalashnikov (video)

AK-47 Kalashinkov in all our shooting packages More than 70 years have passed since the construction of this most widespread assault rifle. For its simplicity and low maintenance, high reliability even in extreme conditions such as underwater, in severe frosts and sand, it is one of the most used weapons in the world (about 50 […]

Guns to shoot – Stribog SR9 A3

Refer to packages BADASS, SOLDIER, CALL of DUTY, WARZONE, PUNISHER, APOCALYPSE. Another rainy day. Getting bored. Let`s have some fun on range. Carabine Stribog SR9 A3 is today`s selection. This one is equipped by Holosun Red Dot HS403B collimator, therefore the accuracy and fun is guaranteed. Stribog a product of GRAND POWER Banská Bystrica, gun […]


Safety rules

Shooting range Safety rules Shooters must follow instructions provided by the Range staff all the time on the range!!! Any violation might lead to exclusion from the shooting activity!!! The Range staff/Instructor introduces all safety rules and show the safety manipulation with a gun before shooting. All shooters need to use safety equipment such as ear […]