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Safety rules

Shooting range Safety rules Shooters must follow instructions provided by the Range staff all the time on the range!!! Any violation might lead to exclusion from the shooting activity!!! The Range staff/Instructor introduces all safety rules and show the safety manipulation with a gun before shooting. All shooters need to use safety equipment such as ear […]

Shooting range GunMates

Shooting range Bratislava - Gunmates 12

The biggest indoor shooting range in the region located 20 minutes from Bratislava center, 15 minutes from Austrian boarders or 40 minutes from Vienna. After 15 years of experience in running outdoor shooting range camp in Častá, in 2012 GunMates started to build the new indoor facility with wide open space range that allows not […]

Shooting experience for everyone

Shooting range Bratislava - Gunmates 3

With GunMates Bratislava no license or previous experience needed. You saw it many times in movies, video games or news. Guns, shooting, bullets flying all around, but never had the chance to touch any of those. Bratislava region and the Burgenland outskirt offers a lot of things to do and how to spend your spare […]